Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mothercare GP Sale 4 - 27March2011 + Ikea Sale 3-20March2011 = S>@>S>@>U!!


Updates kali ni about shopping!ngee

Ish3 MC & Ikea ni jahat tau...ada ke patut time2 ktorg nk g vacation ni wat sale...makanye harusla tergugat iman saya.....:P

nak cari apa lagi kt MC?sbb diskaun dia up to 60%, so nak la g tgk kn..(B sila take note ye..ho3)nak cari baju besday adam..besday party dia maybe postponed a week after blk dr Sabah..janji buat...small2 1 laa kopak aftr bck from vacay :D

okla ni ada sedikit detail psl d 4 me,kt ikea tingin nk grab  Rishult Glass Door Cabinet tu..(subject to approved by B..heheh)murah sgt dh tu =) =) 

To make way for new arrivals, so many of our items are taking
centre stage with really low prices.

But the spotlight on them won’t be for long, so visit IKEA Sale from tomorrow.

Products Offered
Quilt Cover Set
Table and Chair
and more

No.2 Jalan PJU 7/2
Mutiara Damansara
47800 Petaling Jaya

Mothercare x jmpa brochure dia..sbb received by sms je.. "Mothercare GP sale, up to 60% off. Show your VIP card and enjoy 10% off on your total nett purchases during our 3days special 4 -6 March". Means starting esok til ahad ni!!ish2...nak g Mothercare Bangsar!!!!sana lg H@PPPPPening!!Maka pening juga saya nak membayarnye =D 


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